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This interdisciplinary fine arts course results in the development of a body of work around contemporary art topics. Research, concept development and studio practice will combine to broaden your skills and ideas. Stimulating assignments together with experimentation promote analysis and understanding of contemporary art ideas, world cultures and historical periods, and other areas of visual information. Studio production and the communication of concepts visually, verbally and in written form will be combined in this thought-provoking course

Monday, December 12, 2011


ART, Products of what I have, do.
The dictionary definition of art: paintings, sculpture, and other pictures or objects which are created for people to look at and admire or think deeply about.

In my words: the all products of what I see, listen, think, and feel.

 I don’t want to denying the others idea of what is art. However, I don’t want to fit the meaning of art under the limited rule. I hope that all the creation of human beings can be considered as art. As a person who believe in art that should be considered as the most important medium of our society, I respect all the products or creatures what is beautiful or appealing which has their own philosophy, idea, beauty, emotion, etc. The art is all products of what I see, listen, think, and feel. Theses products should make others to see, listen, think and feel, or want to.

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