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This interdisciplinary fine arts course results in the development of a body of work around contemporary art topics. Research, concept development and studio practice will combine to broaden your skills and ideas. Stimulating assignments together with experimentation promote analysis and understanding of contemporary art ideas, world cultures and historical periods, and other areas of visual information. Studio production and the communication of concepts visually, verbally and in written form will be combined in this thought-provoking course

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When I think of something or someone being iconic it makes me think of trends in media and also reoccurring figures that never really go away.  I immediately thought of how much I constantly see motherhood being portrayed in artwork.  I see it being depicted from different points of view, being either very sensual or very innocent.  Motherhood and pregnancy always seems to be a fascination no matter what the time frame may be, but mothers have been iconic for years for artists.  I saw a picture of Tia Mowry and the title of the article was about her embracing her sexuality in her pregnancy.  It made me think of being a mother and just how much every aspect of pregnancy is completely consuming.  I would love for my artwork to embody mental or even the physical consumption of carrying a baby.  Most likely it should be an abstraction of how awkward it really is.  When I see these sensual sexual photographs of mother's it just reminds me how I completely felt opposite of sexy and that's what I want my artwork to be about.  It should be realistic. 

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  1. I think this definitely makes a point. To me one of the most iconic images is that of the mother figure. I find the images you choose successful for your point. You could have referenced medieval and renaissance art, but instead you choose to throw in some pop-culture type ideas. I also like the comment you made about feeling sexy when you are pregnant and how that doesn't seem to be the real feeling at the time. We are so obsessed with celebrities in our culture and some of the things we read about them do get a bit far-fetched.